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This Old House Flirting with Disaster
Would you know what to do if a bird flew into your house, your iPhone fell in the toilet, or a fraternity moved in next door?
Real Simple Why is the Sky Blue?
How to answer tough kid questions, such as Are we there yet?, Why do we have to move? and Will gum really stay in my stomach for seven years?
Parents Keeping Your Heart Healthy
Most women don’t realize that their biggest health risk is heart disease—and neither do their doctors

How Safe is This School Bus?
Those big yellow buses lack seat belts, anti-lock brakes,
and other standard safety devices, and more kids are getting injured than you think

A Lazy Weekend in the Country
Two New Yorkers turn a vintage travel trailer into an affordable weekend getaway with an ever-changing view


Love the Home You're Stuck With
It's a terrible time to sell, so why not give your current house the features you want? Here's how to ensure you get your money back someday

Real Simple Your Call is Important to Us
Phone reps reveal what they're really doing while you're listening to muzak—and other secrets of winning your customer service battles
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